Covid-19 Update

In keeping with the Provincial recommendations updated on March 20th, the Village of Sedley will closing all recreational facilities including playgrounds until further notice effective immediately.
At this time, we’d also like to suggest we physically distance ourselves instead of social distance.  The current number of people in your home is the right number of people to be around. It is important to remain social. Use today’s technology to reach out to your neighbour; FaceTime with your family and friends. With the weather warming you can enjoy a drink together from one yard to the next – you on your deck, them on theirs.
This is also not a good time to sell items on FaceBook marketplaces or Kijiji…wait until this is over.
And a reminder, we are all in this together. If we support each other, we will come out the other side a stronger and closer community.
Stay tuned for a message from our Mayor and Council.