It’s Hallowe’en!!!

Here are the guidelines from the Province regarding Trick or Treating this year.
Please be respectful of those who may not want trick or treaters, if the lights are off, don’t approach the house.
Have fun and be safe everyone!
Keep the following advice in mind while trick-or-treating this year:
• Stay home if you’re sick.
• Keep a two metre distance between people from different (extended) households. This includes groups of trick-or-treaters.
• Make sure there is no direct physical contact between trick-or-treaters and people handing out treats.
• Both trick-or-treaters and those handing out treats should wear a non-medical mask. Costume masks don’t offer adequate protection.
• Consider holding the treats for 72 hours before consuming.
• Use tools (e.g. tongs) to hand out candy at a distance, and only wrapped, store-bought treats should be distributed.
• Clean and disinfect common touch areas (e.g. handrails, doorbells, doorknobs, etc.) frequently while handing out candy.
• Wash or sanitize your hands often.
For more information, visit…/fall-activity-guidelines….