Winter 2023 Newsletter

Village of Sedley Newsletter winter 2023

Village of Sedley News              Winter 2023

Office Updates

My name is Melody Dixon-Lye.  I am the new Village of Sedley Administrator.  I have lived in Francis for most of my adult life.  I worked in Regina at Saskatchewan Municipal Hail Insurance for 32 years where I was the Assistant Office Manager.  I retired from Hail Insurance in 2016 and started as Town of Francis Administrator in August 2016 working one and a half days a week.  I am still the administrator in Francis working on Wednesdays there.  In 2017 I took on the Administrator job in Village of McLean working 2 ½ days a week there.  In 2020 after taking the University Classes and passing an office inspection I received my Standard Certificate in Local Government Administration.  In December 2022 I left McLean and joined the Village of Sedley. I am enjoying my new commute and learning all about the Village of Sedley.

The Office will be open Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays from 9 am to 4 pm.

Dog Licenses

It’s time to renew your dog license.  Dog Licenses are $20 per dog.

Bring or send a picture of your dog to help me identify dogs (if they ever get loose by accident).

Business Licenses

Thank you to all that have renewed their Business License already this year.  Business licenses are $25/year for home-based business and $100/year for commercial businesses.  If you start a new business please come into the office or email office to receive your business license.

Volunteers Needed

The Gym Hall Board is looking for new members.  The members attend meetings, assist in organizing fundraising events such as the Fall Supper Back to School Bonfire and any other events put on. You would become part of the team that decides on programs that assist your local community. If interested in joining the Board please contact Ashli at 306-531-3815 or Donnie at 306-529-2750.

Parks & Recreation Board are also looking for new members.  Please contact the office if you are interested in joining this Board.

SAY Green is looking for a manager in training and any other volunteers.  This involves organizing the flowers in the Village – from ordering the flowers, getting them planted and co-ordinating the watering etc.

Bill Payments

The Village accepts payment by the following means:

  • e-transfer (please indicate what you are paying ie.water, taxes, dog license etc.)
  • electronically through your financial institution
  • cash
  • cheque

Please pay before the end of month to avoid interest charges applied at the start of each month.

1st quarter Water Bills will be coming out next week.

Transfer Station

The transfer station if open two Saturday mornings a month in the winter.    Please have correct change when you go out to the transfer station– a half ton load is $10.  If the temperature is -20 or colder the Transfer Station may not be open.

Complaint Process

Complaints are to be submitted to the Village Office in writing.  Complaint forms received without a name & signature will not be investigated.

Dust Control

If an entire individual block wishes to apply dust control this year please contact the office by the end of April.

Stay Connected with All-Net Connect

If you want to be connected to the Village text/email service to receive notices from the Village you are welcome to sign up for our All-Net Connect.  Go to the home page on our website at:

www.villageofsedleycom, scroll down to the bottom of the page enter your contact information and your preferred method of communication and you will be signed up.  Alternately, you can come down to the office or email the office and I can sign you up.

Go Fund Me -Organized by Village of Sedley – For Al & Patti

The Village of Sedley is fundraising for our Employee Al Irvine and his wife Patti.  In March Patti has to travel to Saskatoon for Cancer treatments.  At one point Patti will have to stay in Saskatoon for a month and Al will travel back and forth to see her on weekends.  The Village of Sedley is putting this fundraiser together to assist Al and Patti with all the expenses involved with Patti’s Cancer treatments in Saskatoon.

To Donate go to the Go Fund Me webpage and search “Al & Patti Fundraiser”.

Alternatively, you can leave a donation in the Village box outside the office door or give a donation during regular office working hours (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 9 am to 4 pm.)

Thank you & I look forward to getting to know all the residents!



Phone:  306-885-2133