2020 Election Results

Attached is the formal Declaration of Results, which can be found, in paper form on the door of the Village Office as well as the window in the lobby where you enter the building.

I am very pleased to announce your Sedley Village Council:

Mayor by Acclamation – Alan Currie

Councillor – Joel Schaeffer (98 votes)
Councillor – Gerard Parent (92 votes)
Councillor – Ashli Brick (87 votes)
Councillor – Lisa Selenski (77 votes)
Councillor – Donald Baker (76 votes)

Defeated – Krissy Hofer (69 votes)
Defeated – Dion Baker (66 votes)
Defeated – Deanne Makellky (32 votes)

The first meeting of council will be held Tuesday, November 17th at 7 PM in the Sedley Gym Hall.

Form Z – Declaration of Results 09 2020