Under construction…bylaws passed prior to January 2021 will gradually be added to this page.  Keep checking back!

Complaint Form
Should you wish to lodge a complaint, please complete the complaint form and submit to the Village Office.  Complaint forms received without a signature will not be accepted.  Administration will determine if council needs to be engaged to resolve the issue.  Once the issue has been resolved, Administration will reply to the complainant with the result.

2020-04 – Snow Removal Bylaw

Bylaw No 2020-05 – Vehicle Storage

2021-01 Records Destruction Bylaw
2021-02 – Base Tax Bylaw
2021-03 – Mill Rate Bylaw
2021-04 – Regional Ride Share Bylaw
2021-05 – Council Procedures Bylaw
2021-06 – Financial Statements Bylaw